A Pep Talk For You, Because Living Your Best Life Can Be Really Overwhelming

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Overwhelmed and frustrated? Read this for a pep talk.

“Am I doing enough? Exercising enough? Eating the right foods? I’m not losing weight fast enough! Am I doing this thing right?”

Here are my thoughts for any woman frustrated about where she’s at on her health journey:

1. The fact that you’re thinking about this at all tells me that you strive for EXCELLENCE and GREATNESS in all that you do.

Girl, I’m proud of you. You value being your best self. You’re in good company and I’m already giving you a big high-five that you’re committed to reaching your health goals, and even beyond that, your purpose in our big world.

2. You’re responsible, which is a good thing!

Whether you’re questioning the “enough-ness” of your actions (am I exercising enough?) or your results (am I skinny enough?), it takes so much to be a responsible person. In fact, not everyone is as responsible and set on their goals as you are! I wish there were more women out there like you.

All of this sounds great, right?

Here’s the catch: Women who strive for excellence and have the natural tendency to be responsible also do this:

We race around to do everything, and be everything, to everyone. It’s exhausting, right?

I’ve been there, too! Just like you, I’m motivated and driven to be my #bestself, and that’s a POSITIVE trait to have and rare to find. But, there’s also a saying that goes something like, “Your biggest strengths, if left unchecked, will be your biggest roadblock to success.”


Ask yourself: Is your aspiration for excellence turning into overwhelm?

From one friend to another, this is your reminder that you’re doing enough. You’re doing your best. You’re exactly where you need to be. Life doesn’t throw anything your way that you can’t handle.

You don’t have handle it all NOW.

What’s the one goal that is most important to you right now? Better health? Great! Get specific. Get laser-focused. How will you know when you achieved it? By when? How will you feel when you reach your goal? Write it down. What progress have you already made that you can celebrate today? What does progress look like for tomorrow?

Taking small steps doesn’t mean you’re incapable, it means you’re committed. Progress towards a BETTER you, not the PERFECT you.

So, go ahead! Acknowledge yourself for the things that you already are and have become. I’m cheering you on!

xo, Lauren









Lauren Stickney is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who can be found cozied up in Atlanta’s coffee shops, perusing the local farmer’s market, crushing meal prep, and reminding women and girls that their health can be the vehicle to a happier life. Lauren serves those who are inspired for more: more confidence, energy, can’t-stop-smiling happiness. They’re the go-getters, the “no-excuses” type… but are also prone to burn-out. She provides women the tools to clean up their diet, ditch the food guilt, reach their goal weight and feel energized. For free resources, visit Lauren’s website. To chat with her, head to her latest Instagram post.


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