A World Energy Outlook Update and Interview With Energy Worker Stacey Sexton

by | May 11, 2020 | Mind + Body

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and it seems to me that people are feeling it. In fact, after multiple conversations with friends who all describe feeling a similar way — experiencing both darker feelings like worry and anxiety, and lighter feelings like calm and even enjoying the solo time — I started asking, “What in the heck is really going on with us right now? Why does this all feel so intense?” I needed another perspective around the energy. So I reached out to my friend and energy worker Stacey Sexton, and asked her to provide her perspective on a world energy outlook, and to help me make sense about how we can use all of these intense feelings and emotions for something good.

Before we get into the questions I had for her, Iet me share a bit more about Stacey and why I wanted her perspective on this world energy outlook.

Stacey is a Reiki Master, Breathwork facilitator, Astrology lover, Mama and Co-Founder of the plant-based intimate skincare line, The Sacral House, that bridges together the synergy of natural aphrodisiacs and energy work to reconnect people back to their sensuality.

Why was Stacey my go-to for insight into these particular questions around a world energy outlook? Because she’s a deep thinker and a deep feeler. She’s wonderfully intuitive, she’s a nurterer and she blends what she’s feeling with her knowledge and study of energy, healing, astrology and more.

I needed to understand if I was imagining that myself and many of my friends were being drawn to an energetic and spiritual connection even more than usual, and how the timing of this all lined up with the pandemic and what we’re all experiencing.

And just as I knew she would, Stacey Sexton came through and blew my mind with her answers to my questions and a world energy outlook that we all can use to take action and help ourselves, our fellow humans and our beautiful planet.


No. 1 | Provide us with a world energy outlook — from an energy and/or astrology perspective, what is happening in the world right now, with the shutdowns amid coronavirus? Why are we all picking up on this more intense energy?

Stacey: So much of what we are experiencing is reflected back to us in the astrology of now. I’ll link this here for those wanting to dive more into the stars. Whether it be through the lens of religion, the esoteric, tools like astrology and human design — all offer insight that what is happening around us is with great dignified purpose.

Lean on the language that resonates with you. Maybe it’s the belief we are ascending from 3D to 5D living, or it’s the wild and anything-but-subtle mashup of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto serving master lessons through the lens of Capricorn energy, or believing the Mayans might have been a few years off, the reality is: we are the doulas for a new way that’s been aching to be born.

We are being asked to give gorgeous critical thought and inspired action around systems that have been in place for millenia, and move the needle more towards a “we vs me” earth.

There’s a continued magnifying glass on themes involving the financial sector, health care, large institutions, systemic violence, the material realm and how we are overly attached to it. Perhaps the biggest note is how something that’s been created simply cannot be sustained as-is. This is big foundational stuff for us to chew! It feels dense and arduous for a reason. But I love for us to remember, we are the exact souls meant to navigate these waters.


No. 2 | For many of us, we are having to be more still than maybe we ever have been before, and we are finding it to be challenging. Why is that?

Stacey: One major reaction I have to this is that we’ve created a culture that heavily bases our worth on what we do. There’s incredible focus on externalized action, speed, the tangible and when a lot of that has been stripped away, it’s easy to see why so many struggle being left with simply ourselves.

Even when we know the systems in place are broken, when the wheel stops turning, it’s unsettling and disorienting at best to step off and find new footing.

It can be deep, uncomfortable work to be in the void of our own bodies and minds. En masse, we weren’t taught meditation, or how to nurture our inner wisdom ,or even how to be okay in the quiet of life; it’s something we tend to take up on our own later in life. So when all of this is paired with layers of uncertainty and even activated trauma, we quickly see how the mind can feel like a very unsafe place for many.

I also think this is why we saw the memes at the beginning of social distancing glorifying the time ahead saying we would be reading books and creating and savoring all the moments, but the reality has been very different. Firstly, it was a very privileged assumption most of the general public would experience the quarantine in a blissful way, and no guilt if it has been a wonderful time for you. But secondly, the truth is that we’ve mainly ramped up our technology consumption because that is more of what we know. Looking at you, TikTok.

Instead of stillness, we fill every moment with something. Even if it doesn’t require thinking. It’s easy.

It’s doing.

It’s for sure a coping mechanism we almost all rely on.

And instead of judging it, I think we can witness our behavior and accept what it is. Ask questions of it. Extend ourselves grace for however this time has been so far, and find humility and humor in our sweet humanness.

To be clear: I am so guilty in all of this. No high horse here.


No. 3 | How can we use this time to go deeper within ourselves and figure out what our next steps will be, whatever happens next? Basically, what can we learn from all this that we can use for the betterment of ourselves, our families and humankind?

Stacey: As simple as it sounds, explore yourself and listen with an open heart.

Most of you reading this were brought up being told it’s impolite to discuss politics and religion and money (among others). I think many can agree that repressing that exploration and communication is what got most adults behaving like toddlers on social media regarding these topics in the first place!

I actually have deep faith that we can begin to change that for the better.

It feels like a powerful time to take advantage of this expansive information-heavy landscape (hello, age of Aquarius) and lean into educating ourselves more than ever. Consider other people’s realities, views, and experiences instead of negating something that doesn’t apply to us individually.

And in doing so, it feels like another way for us to cultivate compassion. By reading, witnessing one another, and also becoming more intimate with our own inner terrain.

Ways I personally do this:

  • Learning from education-focused social media accounts that highlight people who have very different experiences than me. Ones that center BIPOC. Listening. Being okay not getting the dopamine hit of hearing someone reiterate the exact same beliefs as me. Supporting those communities financially when I can and signing petitions.
  • Getting more intimate with my own self study. Astrology, Human Design, Enneagram, and Energy Profiling are several examples and layer together beautifully, or can be used singularly to give a little nod to the divine purpose of your heart in this lifetime. I love helping people get on their way with this!
  • Integrate the pain, the beauty, the lessons, the wisdom we achingly grow through via meditation and embodiment work.

No. 4 | Why does it feel like now is a time for more spirituality? Does the pandemic and what we’re all going through have anything to do with the fact that many of us are feeling this way?

Stacey: I think everything feels poignant and big right now because it is.

Think about some of the holiest stories we’ve heard of decades and centuries past. Most of those journeys came from absolute muck, grief and questioning.

This Easter felt really special to me. Whether you celebrate that time or not, this one happened with a new layer of reverence tethered to it. It was more like the original day, filled with somber moods, uncertainty, and people wondering how the hell to keep believing in something that feels utterly lost.

There’s something for all of us to acknowledge in that.

We are innately spiritual, and perhaps the greatest things we can do alongside cultivating compassion, remaining open and learning how to truly see ourselves, is to just be in this time and what’s to come.

We were built to explore ourselves in any moment and at any time. Pretty and easy, or gut-wrenching and terrifying.

All of it sacred.


No. 5 | What resources would you suggest women use right now as we are working on stillness and for many of us, deepening our spiritual connections?

Stacey: Breathwork is a practice that found me years ago, and while I facilitate the work now, it’s a practice I absolutely lean on over and over. It’s sensual, potent and magical.

It’s a somatic release method that helps us work through emotions and dense energy that’s been retained by our nervous system. When we do the breathwork, we get out of the lies of the brain and into the wisdom of the body.

In very simple terms, it supports you getting rid of emotional gunk and you find yourself with more space, clarity and creativity!

For some, they’ll find this in dance, Kundalini (I love), Emotion Code work and other practices to name a few. There’s a ton of practitioners out there offering free or heavily discounted sessions and online gatherings right now, so if it speaks to you to explore, let that be your nudge.


No. 6 | Any final thoughts or messages you’d like to share in this world energy outlook?

Stacey: All the happenings of today — what led us here and what’s to come — are incredibly layered and nuanced. I wish I could give a nod to all of it, but this is what has been written across my heart today.

Each of us are meant to explore this in our own unique human expression, but I do believe we were made for this. I will not stop saying that, because I trust that’s why our souls are here.

While our individual journeys are going to look so different, what feels like truth is that we have the honor to keep going forward.

Does that mean that it all feels yummy? No.

But do we all have medicine to deliver to ourselves, each other and this precious earth? Oh hell yes.

We’re being asked to understand that many realities can co-exist together. The amount of division that’s been created by a “this way or that” is cataclysmic and ready to melt away into something that serves all, not just a few.

And our gift is to keep exploring that with the richness of all that we are.


Want to connect with Stacey Sexton and find out more about what she offers? Find her in these places:

Website: www.staceysexton.com

Instagram: @staceymsexton and @thesacralhouse

Photo by Leah Judson Photography 


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