Brooke Robinson, Creator Of bTribalfit, On The Importance Of Fitness Communities + Finding Workout Motivation

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Take one look @btribalfit‘s Insta page, and you’ll immediately know that creator Brooke Robinson is the kind of gal you’d want to be friends with. The kind of gal you’d want cheering you on. The kind of gal you’d definitely want to workout with. 

Brooke is energetic, beautiful and fit, and her energy exudes kindness and generosity. She’s also full of healthy lifestyle tips, and she shares them all with her tribe.

When we found out that she’s created a community for women to connect and focus on fitness and overall life balance together called bTribalfit, we had to know more. Read on for our interview with Brooke…

Tell us what inspired you to create bTribalfit.

bTribalfit is a sum of my entire life, a collective result from birth until now. I was raised in a home where fitness, clean eating and hard work was the main focus. I was taught that this lifestyle was a “have to,” not a “get to.” In my teen years, I had a very skewed reality of my image, an unhealthy distortion that took me down a self-sabotaging path. I thought I had to look and perform a certain way to be loved. It’s been such an amazing journey discovering my true worth and identity, a complete 180.

In 2015, I spent most of the year helping my dad get through chemo. I left my family (three kids, husband, dog) 18 times to care for him, sometimes for weeks at a time. During this season I saw so much sickness and quickly realized my sphere of life, and influence, was too small. People everywhere need an opportunity to become healthy. I taught one class at our local gym, and my heart ached to encourage and inspire more through my passion for fitness. It’s amazing what beauty can come through seasons of challenge.

How do you feel movement and exercise adds to our lives?

Once I figured out that we get to exercise our bodies, it changed everything for me, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Exercise affects every area of my life. Not only do I physically feel better, but there is an emotional high after a workout that is unmatched by any other. Happy endorphins abound. Spiritually, I believe we were given one life, one body, so we should be good stewards of that gift that God has entrusted to us.

bTribalfit focuses on the importance of community. Why do you feel it’s important for women to have a supportive community when focusing on a healthy lifestyle?

This is the secret sauce to bTribalfit. Ingredients include: accountability, weekly schedule and someone to light the fire (that’s me!). We are essentially trying to create fitness-minded community groups. Women thrive when they have each other. The very worst thing to do when starting and finishing your goal is to isolate yourself. That’s when perfection creeps in and tells you you’re a big loser and you might as well quit. Having a community, a fitness tribe, to hold you accountable is key. Knowing you have to check in with friends is huge. When I started bTribalfit I quickly realized there wasn’t enough of me to travel around to all the groups wanting to start a tribe. That is where the monthly subscriptions and virtual tribes come into play. Now I can be anywhere and everywhere there is a willing heart wanting an opportunity to workout. 

Our mission at bTribalfit: Fitness together. Creating local and global tribes united to achieve healthy physical, emotional and spiritual balance. I currently have 11 virtual tribes. Ranging from local Northwest Arkansas ladies, multiple tribes consisting of women all over the states and even one amazing tribe across the sea. 

The Southern Well Being

What does your own weekly workout routine look like?

I currently teach three classes at our local gym: Body Attack, Cardio Barre and Body Combat. I also meet with three Tribes (groups of ladies) locally throughout the week. I mainly coach these tribes, guide and instruct by demonstrating the workouts and cheering them on. I will say, I get my very best workouts filming for all of our bTribalfit subscribers. Maybe it’s the nerves or the excitement, but I’m pooped after each one. I aim to film twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

What role do you believe food plays when it comes to exercise? 

I have three favorite quotes:

  • Eat for energy.
  • Food is fuel.
  • You get out what you put in.

For me, I have to be careful to keep a good balance with food. If I try to count calories or fat grams, my mind plays a mental game on me. I really only look at protein on the label because I believe protein rebuilds muscle. In saying all of that, I definitely try to keep my house stocked with plenty of fruits and veggies. But we aren’t afraid of carbs or grains. I’ve learned in 41 years of life that my body works best if I eat five small meals a day. I try not to eat to the point of being FULL, but instead just satisfyingly replenished.

Walk us through a day in your life. What does your daily routine look like?

I’m a mom and wife first. I have three kids who are 14, 13 and 9 years old. So, I make a lot of lunches and do a lot of cleaning, grocery shopping, mom suburban travels, sports events and over managing teenage drama. All the other time is spent creating workout, leading workouts, communicating with virtual tribes, website admin, leading a Bible study and hosting church groups at our house. 

It’s busy, and possibly too busy. Too American busy. But all of these things are related to my family and fitness and they all fill my soul, so I’m loving every second.

What’s next for you and bTribalfit?

I’m most excited about the live workouts and potential app development. Our website has a neat feature that allows live workouts. So those who are subscribed can also join the LIVE bTribalfit workouts throughout the week. We are told this will be available sometime late March or early April.

The daily and monthly grind is delivering seven new custom workouts at the beginning of each month. So, I’m always creating and always on the lookout for cool locations to film and finding my special guest to join me. I just hired an admin support, thank goodness. 

Any beauty tips you can share?

My biggest tips are water, sleep, making time for self-care and balance. Be mindful of your healthy mind, body and spirit. When one of those slips, we are out of balance. 

Every fit is different, every DNA is different. We are all different. Find your fit, find your fun. Another tip I’d share is to have a big perspective on life. Enjoy the daily journey towards the best YOU. In each moment, just focus on doing the next right thing. And kick comparison and perfectionism to the curb.

What’s your favorite workout?

I honestly love them all. Every workout format has pros and benefits, allowing me to work on all areas of physicality. I do love some good cardio sculpt aerobics. And barre, and BOX just to name a few. And if free dance were a workout…sign me up!

Name three things that are always in your bag.

Protein bar (RXbar or Perfect Bar), resistance band or pilates ball for my long mommy car days, cell phone and my bTribalfit notebook because I’m always having ideas. Oops, that’s four!

Favorite post-workout meal or snack?

Protein smoothie, protein bar, greek yogurt, banana pancake with Bob’s Red Mill mix or stove top popcorn.

What fitness clothing brands do you love?

I always go for the comfiest and the most long-lasting. Lululemon and Maaji are favorites, but I can also go for Old Navy or T.J. Maxx. 

If someone is having trouble finding the motivation to workout, what do you suggest?

This is something I’m super passionate about. My favorite tips:

  1. Find your people, find your tribe. Even if it’s one person. Tell them your fitness goals and ask them to join you and hold you accountable.
  2. Find what is fun. Not everybody is going to love cardio or yoga. Working out MUST be fun.
  3. Motivation comes in two options: fear or reward. Fear tells you to workout because you want to be strong at 70 years old, prevent heart disease or have strong bones. Reward tells you to workout because in two weeks you’ll buy yourself that new tank top. If you are having trouble finding your motivation, decide which of these motivates you more, fear or reward. Some people need to see what they will lose if they don’t workout, while others need to see what they will gain if they do. 

My favorite quote from The Science of Exercise from TIME Magazine states, “Eventually, exercise will be prescribed as a real medicine, down to the dosage. Patients will be incentivized to exercise in ways specifically designed for them. They’ll be able to join virtual group classes and participate together, creating digital communities. All of these programs encourage people to move more.”

bTribalfit is already doing this. We are handing people an opportunity to move their bodies and get strong in the comfort of their own home, have community in the process and at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership. 


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