Get Ready To Pucker Up With The Perfect Valentine’s Pout

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It’s Valentine’s Day…who doesn’t want to look sexy AF?

We know we’re feeling the love today and we wanted it to show with a gorgeous, sexy look. So we went to our dear friend and non-toxic beauty go-to gal, Little Rock esthetician, makeup artist and brow wizard Tess Wilmans-Higgins of Winc Beauty, for tips on how to get the perfect pout for V-Day. Read on…


I didn’t set a New Year’s resolution this year, not a single one. So during an infrared sauna sesh a few weeks ago, a friend told me I should consider letting go of my fear of trying new things. Easier said than done, but I decided to take her advice and occasionally step out of my comfort zone. Nothing awesome happens there anyway, right?

So, in the spirit of trying new things, last month I drove 40 miles and then took a left turn down a dirt road to visit a renowned psychic. (P.S. It was amazing and enlightening and she was totally lovely!) This month, I ordered takeout from a new restaurant.

What can I say? I’m setting realistic expectations for myself. But back to the food. It was also amazing, enlightening and totally spicy. It was Poke. Pronounced “Po-Kay,” it’s basically a Hawaiian bowl of awesome. Mine had brown rice, tofu, tuna and vegetables. It was also topped with a sauce so spicy it turned my lips an awesome shade of raspberry. A few days later though, scales of dry skin popped up and flaked off my lips. Eww and ouch. And it’s Valentine’s Day, which means I can’t have Walking Dead Face, and neither can you. Follow my tips for your own perfect Valentine’s Day pout, or a perfect pout any day!


The Southern Well BeingTo smooth out the remaining lip skin I had left post-poke bowl, I used Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose lip scrub in small, circular motions, which I then wiped off with a tissue. For a more serious scrub, wipe off your scrub of choice with a damp washcloth.


The Southern Well BeingWe live in a world of liquid matte lipsticks. I know, it’s a strange, cruel place sometimes. I can’t get behind a lip product that I need paint thinner to remove, so I’d like to introduce you to my friend, lipliner. I pretty much use a brown-ish nude under everything I wear. It’s a perfect color to blend your natural lip color with almost any shade of lipstick. This one is RMS Daytime Nude. Line the entire lipline at the edge, and lightly fill in.


The Southern Well BeingI’m ready for Spring, so I’ve been willing warmer weather with pink lipstick. This one is by RMS, and it’s a warm, medium pink. Use whatever color you’re into, and apply with a brush for the perfect amount of coverage. Swiping on the lips directly can apply a little too much all at once, so when I want my lipstick to look it’s best, I use a brush. 


The Southern Well BeingDon’t give me a wimply blot, either. I want a couple of good, serious blots on that tissue. This step presses the color into the lips, so it’s basically a DIY lip stain.




One more swipe with your lip brush, and voila! You’ve got hot lips…without the hot sauce. 😉

Pssst…You can find all products I used @wincbeauty. Call 501.791.4526 for inquiries and orders. Or find us on the web at


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