Healing My Relationship With Food Through Self Love

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Today I’m writing about something that’s very personal, but also something that’s very important and that I want to open the discussion around. That topic is my journey towards healing my relationship with food through self love. 

I want to speak about this more because of the countless conversations I’ve had with other women about how food and exercise, and even our relationships with the scales, has affected our daily lives so much. This is something that I believe so many women besides myself are dealing with, and I feel it’s important to talk about it and for us to all share what’s helped each of us so far on our journeys.

Women are waking up to the idea that we’ve been led wrong.

We all want to live a life with loads of energy and joy and the good health to do the things we love, but the more I learn and the more I conversations I have with other women and the further I get in my own journey, the more I realize that living this life all comes down to having greater self love. It doesn’t have to do with following this diet or that, or killing ourselves with exercise.

Women are also beginning to wake up to the idea that we no longer have to look for our worth in things like what the number on the scale is each day or each week, or in what size jeans we wear. Instead, it feels like we are beginning to understand that we can make healthier daily choices because they are the choices that make us FEEL really damn good. And when we truly love ourselves, we want to feel good in our minds, our bodies, and our souls. It’s no longer about just the physical.

For me, it feels good to go to a yoga class or a spin class. For me, it feels better to eat a lot of vegetables and home cooked meals throughout the week, and then to go out to dinner for a treat on a Friday night where I might order sweet potato fries or a vegan ice cream sundae. For me, it feels good to go to bed earlier so I can rest well and wake up feeling happy and energized the next morning.

Women are understanding the importance of speaking to ourselves more lovingly and supportively, and to focusing on greater self love and taking some time each day to nurture ourselves through self care.

This has been an ongoing journey for me and it’s taken me a lot of work on myself to get here. These are simply a few things that have worked well for me in my journey towards healing my relationship with food through self love. I hope that you will find one or a few of these helpful for where you are in your journey, too. 

Note: I am NOT a medical doctor and this information is not intended to be medical advice. This is strictly my own personal experience and I’m sharing the tools that have worked well for me on my journey to greater self-love, well being, and joy. 

***Please note that I am NOT implying that true depression can be dealt with through self-love. If you are depressed, please seek immediate and appropriate medical treatment from your doctor.***

Click the image below to watch:

0:00 Welcome
2:05 Why I decided to stop weighing myself
3:13 This is really a self-love journey
4:30 This is a continuous journey and there will always be work
4:50 #1 Self care
8:16 #2 Setting boundaries
11:41 #3 Continual personal growth and development
14:35 #4 Learning to love and approve of myself
18:28 #5 Learning to trust myself more…trusting my feelings, my body, my intuition, and the journey I am on
21:42 Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, for me, has been a SELF LOVE journey 

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  1. Melissa

    This so resonated with me and I love the idea of no longer weighing myself. I definitely agree, it does for me determine my self worth for the day. So going to try it, not easy but freeing. The healthy choices make me feel good and number should not. Also, i struggle with setting boundaries and this will be a constant journey. More of your approach and learnings would love to hear. I too am on that self-love healing journey (love that – healing journey) and your 5 tips were so helpful. Your live videos are so personable and of course you radiate light and beauty!

    • Elizabeth

      Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your sweet words Melissa! I completely agree, not weighing myself regularly was such a foreign idea to me at first, I didn’t even realize how attached I was to that number on the scale. And thankfully I am starting to learn that the way I feel every day is so much better of an indicator of where I am with my health and well being, and I’m letting go of the idea of the “perfect” number in my head in regards to my weight. I am worthy of love no matter what that number is. You are too.

      I will definitely be sharing more around what I’ve learned and implemented over the past few years regarding boundary setting. Please let me know if there are other topics you’d like more of, too! Thank you so much for being here, beautiful being <3


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