Here’s How I Dry Brush My Body {Video}

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If you follow me over on Instagram, you probably know that I talk a lot about how much I love dry body brushing. Every time I mention it, someone asks me how to properly do it. So I thought it was time to share more about why and how I dry brush my body.

Dry brushing is the daily health and beauty ritual that you may not be doing yet, but you should be. Not just for the benefits (keep reading below), but also because it just feels so good. It literally takes 3 minutes a day, and the results are more than worth taking that time to do it.

This is the exact same dry brush I use everyday:

Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush


What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is just what it sounds like: brushing the skin with a dry brush, usually before showering.


Is dry brushing a new thing?

Not at all. In fact, it’s been around in many different cultures throughout history, dating back for centuries. Everything old is new again, yes?


Why dry brush?

It stimulates the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system has the job of removing cellular waste from your body. Cellular waste is moved into your blood to be eliminated from your body, which is referred to as lymphatic drainage. If this system isn’t working properly, the waste and toxins can build up and cause unpleasant symptoms in the body. Dry brushing helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, so when you do it daily, you’re essentially supporting your body’s daily detoxification.

It exfoliates the skin. Dry brushing also helps to remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface, which helps to keep your pores clear, and further supports detoxification of your body since another way that your body releases toxins is through your skin. Bonus: exfoliated skin is smoother, more colorful and more luminous.

It promotes circulation. Increased circulation is also beneficial for removing cellular waste from the body, as well as creating more color in the skin. Think of circulation as improving blood flow to the area, or bringing life to it. You’re literally bringing blood flow, bringing life to your skin when you dry brush it.

It’s self-care and it feels incredible. Think of dry brushing as a little daily massage for your body. It’s invigorating for your whole body which is beneficial for your mood as well.

It has been shown to help with cellulite. There is little if any evidence to support this, so consider this a bonus of dry brushing.


Here’s how I dry brush my body (click the image below):


Do you love dry brushing as well? I’d love to hear more about why you love it! Elizabeth xo

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