How To Find More Energy And Better Mood When The Days Get Shorter

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I received a great question recently about whether or not there’s anything we can do to help with the lower energy levels and poor mood that can sometimes accompany the cold and shorter winter days and lack of sunlight. And guess what my love…there is! So yesterday I hopped on for a live video chat where I shared tips for how to find more energy and better mood when the days get shorter. 

This is definitely something I’ve struggled with myself and I can tell you, it becomes more cyclical if you don’t intervene and take matters into your own hands.

Now I’m not talking about true depression or seasonal affective disorder, both of which should be discussed with your doctor immediately.

I’m talking about those feelings that tend to come and go, but that leave you feeling a little dreary and tired and lacking in motivation and energy.

Ever felt that way during the colder months? Thankfully, there are some things we can do to lift mood, gain energy, and increase motivation to make healthier choices.

Click the image below to watch my live video chat. Note that there was a bit of technology trouble at the beginning, so check out the minutes listed below the photo to skip forward to where the good stuff starts. 

How To Find More Energy And Better Mood When The Days Get Shorter
0:00 Lots of troubleshooting and technology drama, skip forward to 9:10 
9:10 Welcome
13:10 For more energy during shorter winter days, MOVE your body 
15:30 To help you stay warm, MOVE your body (think of lighting a furnace)
17:35 To help with mood, get out in the sunshine
20:41 Honor the season we are in with more rest and earlier bedtimes
During the winter, it’s natural for us to have more downtime and more quiet, restful time at home (remember, it’s our way of hibernating). Why not try more reading during the colder months? I just recently shared a list of all my favorite book recommendations for a healing and self-love journey and you can find it here


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