How To Get Your Family On Board With Healthier Meals

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Need some help on how to get your family on board with healthier meals?

I know, it can be challenging and honestly I’m asked about this a lot. Over the past few years of making changes to the way I eat and cook at home, I’ve built a little arsenal of tips that I’ve used to integrate healthier eating into my family’s meals…and still keep them happy.

It’s a bit of a tricky situation, because you want your family to also learn to love new foods and vegetables and to understand more about which foods make their bodies feel their best, but you also want everyone to be happy and enjoy your meals together. 

It’s possible, if you’ll stay consistent and positive. Start by picking one or two of these tips to implement first, and when those are nice and solid and everyone’s still happy, you can move on and add a few more. 

I recorded these tips live and had trouble with my wifi connection that day, so the videos are broken up into two parts. Be sure to watch them both (they’re short!) because the tips are broken up between them. 


How To Get Your Family On Board With Healthier Meals (Part 1)

0:00 Welcome
2:18 Tip 1: Don’t make it a big deal 
3:27 Tip 2: Let them see you eating healthier foods most of the time 
4:51 Tip 3: Keep healthy foods, in plain sight, ready to grab
7:18 Tip 4: Ask your family what they love and what they want to eat

Part 2 of this recording is below, watch for tips 5-10

How To Get Your Family On Board With Healthier Meals (Part 2)

0:26 Tip 5: Try new foods before you assume your family doesn’t like them
1:22 Tip 6: Keep favorite condiments on hand for your family to dress up their food
3:17 Tip 7: Educate on why nutrition is important, and teach your family to read nutrition labels and ingredients lists (plus how to read one if you aren’t sure)
6:56 Tip 8: Don’t force a clean plate
8:11 Tip 9: Make sure kids come to the table hungry
9:30 Tip 10: Be consistent, be patient, be encouraging



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