How To Make Healthier Choices When Traveling For Business

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If you’re someone who travels often for business or any other reason, you know the struggle to maintain balance and make healthy choices when away from home. I recently had a friend ask me about this, so I put together a video with my top tips on how to make healthier choices when traveling for business

Think about it like this: if you’re on vacation, that’s an entirely different mindset. Most of us only take a couple of vacations a year at most, so they’re not as frequent as what you might be traveling for for business. Vacation is also a more relaxed mindset. You’re there to unwind, let your hair down, and enjoy a few fabulous vacation foods and treats. (When in Rome!)

 But when you’re traveling for work, it’s not really the same at all. It’s not vacation. It’s you living your normal life, taking your usual meetings and entertaining, just in a different location.

Ok, so that’s easy enough. But what about different time zones and having access to healthy snacks when nothing else is available, and eating in airports, and no chance to exercise, and business dinners at the fanciest restaurants (with the best chocolate cake) in all the land? How does one maintain balance and routine?

Yes, business travel can be stressful. Hopefully these tips on how to make healthier choices when traveling for business will make it a bit easier for you (click the image below to watch):

How Can I Make Healthier Choices When Traveling For Business?
0:00 Welcome
2:19 #1 Spend a bit of time making a plan + healthy snack options for travel
10:41 #2 Implement a solid daily eating schedule, if you don’t already have one
15:03 #3 Limit coffee
17:00 #4 More water
19:46 #5 Make time for exercise 4-5 times a week + stick to it when traveling
23:35 #6 Cut back on alcohol
26:42 #7 Have a plan and some go-to options for dining out
28:50 #8 Do some self reflection about why you’re continuously making poor choices
31:20 #9 Solidify your daily and weekly routines around food, exercise, and sleep, and cling to those when you travel
32:13 #10 Your choices always come back to self respect and self love and prioritizing the foods and actions that make you feel GOOD…this is just as true for men as women!


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