How To Prioritize Better Self Care When You’re A Mom

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I had a great question this past week from a single mom of three who follows my Instagram page. She asked, “Can you share some tips on how to prioritize better self care when you’re a mom? I have realized that as a single mom of three, I’ve put myself last for too long and now I can see that I’m feeling depleted. How can I find more balance?”

Oh my goodness, sister, am I feeling you on this one. As a mom with a partner who is a hands on parent and even still feels like it’s really hard at times, my hats are off to the single moms (and dads!) out there, doing it all on their own. You deserve more self care than anyone, my single mama friends. But I know it’s hard for you to find the time to get it.

So I’m sharing some tips and info on how to prioritize better self care when you’re a mom. My hope is that you can take one or two of these tips, and find a way to make them work in your own life in some way. Don’t try to implement them all at once! Choose one and implement that one first, then when it feels like a nice, solid habit, move on and implement another one. 

Just as it is with taking action in healthy eating and lifestyle choices, some self care is much, much better than none. Don’t focus on the fact that you’re not doing a lot all at once. Give yourself a little love pat on the back for the fact that you’re doing even just one thing a day for yourself.

Self care is a form of self love. It’s provided for you, by you. It’s identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them. It’s taking some time (five minutes, ten minutes or one hour, doesn’t matter how much time) to do something that feels good and nurtures you.

It’s about filling up your own cup first. You can’t pour from an empty cup, meaning that if you aren’t filled up, you won’t be able to support and fill up the cups of those around you.

Here are my tips for how to prioritize better self care when you’re a mom (or even if you aren’t):

0:00 – Welcome

2:15 – Let go of the mindset that it’s all or nothing

3:10 – Start with your thoughts and your self talk

4:42 – Work in 5 minutes each day to be alone, breathe, journal your feelings and thoughts, set intentions, etc.

6:21 – Begin to look at healthier choices for just one meal each day

8:26 – Look at how you can add in some form of movement, three to four days a week

9:12 – Begin to look at growing yourself and creating a healthier mindset through personal development (books, YouTube videos, etc)

10:34 – Neglecting self care will eventually leave you feeling depleted

11:44 – The way you treat yourself is teaching others how to treat you

12:53 – The concept of balance when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle


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