How To Stay Centered Throughout The Holiday Season

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For the past 6 years that I’ve been a certified health coach, I’ve run yearly holiday programs where I’ve helped women (and men) to “stay on track” with their healthy eating choices. But the longer I support people in learning to make healthier lifestyle choices, and the more work I do on myself in this area, the more I’m understanding that women need more than just direction around what to eat and what not to eat to feel high vibe and confident through the holidays. We need more focus on how to stay centered through the holiday season, and by that I mean more centered emotionally and mentally.

When we are emotionally and mentally centered, we understand which choices support us the best, and which ones will bring our vibration and mood down.

We are more in tune with ourselves, taking time to notice certain feelings and sensations in our bodies that are there to send us messages, to communicate to us what we need more or less of (food, exercise, rest, self care, etc). We take better care of ourselves and support ourselves as a preventative way of maintaining joy in our lives, not waiting until we are too tired or run down to finally slow down and pay attention to our bodies. We slow down and honor ourselves because we don’t want to become run down, sick, or on a lower vibrational level with our emotions.

So, how do we stay centered emotionally through the holidays? Well, the truth is that we really don’t.

There will always be people and situations and things pulling us away from our center, and especially during the holidays.

What really matters is that we learn how to come back to our center when we feel ourselves being pulled away.

This is why I felt it was important to create a supportive community of women who can come together this holiday season, to lift each other up and remind each other to come back to our center, and share ways with each other that we can do that.

Watch the video to learn more about Centered Through the Holidays (click the image below to watch):

Here’s what you can expect from being a part of the Centered Through the Holidays Community:

  • Weekly Facebook live trainings with me in our private forum where you can ask me questions about anything.
  • Weekly self-care challenges so you feel calm and nourished throughout the holiday season.
  • Weekly sample movement & exercise menus that you can follow, or use for inspiration.
  • Book recommendations to help you stay high vibe and in growth mode.
  • Accountability, motivation, and support in your self love and centering holiday journey.
  • Weekly recipe and menu ideas to best nourish your body through the holidays and still feel festive.
  • Journaling prompts to help you stay in touch with what’s going on for you emotionally as you move through the holiday season.

Join the Centered Through the Holidays Community and move through the holidays this year in a way you maybe never have before — centered, calm, intentional, and with more grace towards yourself.


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