Instagram Accounts We Love: 5 Plant Focused Foodies For Healthy Meal Inspo

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Instagram is arguably one of the top spots to browse if you’re looking for healthy meal inspiration, fitness inspiration, home decor inspiration…or any inspiration. 

And while it can be a time sucking vortex if you let it, if you know where to go right away for healthy meal inspo, you can walk away with ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the week ahead in 10 minutes or less.

So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite plant focused Instagram accounts for healthy meal inspo. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more fruits, veggies and whole grains into your lifestyle, go check out these accounts from folks we love all around the South…


1. @EMILIEEATS | Emilie Hebert is a Louisiana born nutrition masters student and future dietician with a beautiful Instagram page, and her message is simple: cook more of your own food for a healthier lifestyle, but don’t overcomplicate it. Her recipes are easy to follow and her food photos will make your mouth water for more plant based foods. Pictured below: Emilie’s Crispy Tofu Caesar Salad.


The Southern Well Being


2. @HAPPYBEARCOOKING | Chef Michael Qandah’s mission is to bridge the gap to a more plant-based lifestyle and to create dishes that even the pickiest non-vegans will love. Basically, the Little Rock, Arkansas based chef just wants everyone to eat more plants and to really enjoy doing so. We’ve tried his dishes in real life and trust us….you’ll enjoy his recipes. A lot. Pictured below: Chef Michael’s Smokey Cauliflower Tacos.


The Southern Well Being


3. @NATTEATS | Natalia Wrobel is an Atlanta based Instagrammer who is passionate about healthy food and photography, and she combines those two things really, really well on her page. She shares options for healthy alternatives on her page, but you’ll also find plenty of healthier cakes and sweet treats on her page since balance is one of her platforms. And balance with options for healthier indulgences is something we are definitely on board with. Pictured below: Natalia’s Vegan Lentil Bolognese Sauce over Chickpea Pasta


The Southern Well Being


4. @LAURALEABALANCED | Certified holistic chef Laura Lea grew up in Nashville, and her southern roots are deep. Her goal is to offer healthier versions of Southern classics and to introduce new ideas about food to Southerners, too. She’s into balance, and she keeps her recipes affordable, comforting and often times, make ahead. Pictured below: Chef Laura Lea’s Tempeh Sushi Burritos.


The Southern Well Being


5. @FITMENCOOK | We love Dallas based Instagrammer Kevin Curry’s simple motto: “Bodies are built in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym.” Kevin is incredibly fit and obviously doesn’t miss workouts, but he believes that in the end, it all comes down to diet. On his Instagram page and website he shares meal planning tips, ideas for fresh (and simple) recipes and cooking tips through his many posts and videos. This guy is super inspiring to follow, for men and women both. Pictured below: Kevin’s Warm Quinoa Vegan Power Bowl


The Southern Well Being



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