6 Make Ahead Healthy Meals For Your Next Weekend Trip

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Headed out soon for a day trip or a weekend trip but still want to stay (somewhat) on track with healthy eating? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite make ahead healthy meals from my blog to help you prep ahead of time!


When our family is prepping for a day trip or a weekend trip, my motto is that we don’t have to eat perfectly. I mean, that’s part of the fun of a little getaway, yes? But I always make a few make ahead healthy meals to bring with us, and here’s why…

I’d be willing to bet that most would agree that you feel a lot better in your body if you focus on getting at least some nutritious foods in during a day or weekend trip, and splurge on those junkier foods more minimally.

I mean come on, you have to admit that no one feels good after an entire day, much less an entire weekend, of nonstop eating highly processed foods like chips, cookies, processed dairy, crackers, processed meats, sodas, alcohol, etc.

For most of us, eating that way leads to weight gain, bloating, feeling our clothes starting to cut into our midsection, digestive symptoms like gas or constipation, poor sleep, breakouts on our skin and more.


Prep a few healthy meals to bring with you

The way I find a happy compromise for myself and my family when we’re planning a day or weekend trip is to prep a few make ahead healthy meals that pack up well in a cooler and that are fairly easy to eat on the go.


healthy salmon salad


This way I know we’ve got at least some healthy and nutrient dense meals on hand, but if we decide to stop in for a burger and fries or an ice cream cone, we’ve still fueled our bodies well for most of the day or weekend.

What this really comes down to is finding a few go-to recipes that the whole family loves, that will keep well in a cooler or fridge and that don’t make a mess when you pack them for a day out on the water or whatnot.

Bonus points if they taste great without having to reheat them or if they work for more than one meal.

Here are a few of my favorite make ahead healthy meals:

Cherry Berry Baked Oatmeal 

I always love to choose a healthy meal for my first meal of the day, and preferably post-workout. This sets my digestion, my energy and my mood up to feel great for the rest of the day.

This Cherry Berry Baked Oatmeal is super easy to make, it’s loaded with nutrition and it can even double as a snack. It’s delicious served either warm or right out of the fridge. Pack the sqaures up in a takeaway container and pop it in the cooler or fridge so they’ll stay fresh. Grab the recipe here.


Broccoli Cheese Frittata

This Broccoli Cheese Frittata gets bonus points because it works for breakfast or lunch/dinner, it’s yummy served reheated or cold and it’s full of fiber and antioxidants from the broccoli. Get those veggies in, even when away for the weekend!

This frittata is super easy to make and packs well. I suggest cutting it into portions before packing it in a takeaway container so everyone can easily grab a piece anytime and no matter where you are. Grab the recipe here.


Easy Veggie Quiche With Feta

This quiche is another egg dish that packs great, is delicious served warmed or from the fridge and incorporates veggies. It’s super easy to make since it utilizes a store bought pie crust. And I LOVE the addition of feta cheese to this veggie combination, but if you’re not into feta, feel free to substitute another cheese you love, or just leave it out if you prefer. To me, this quiche is better the day or two after it’s made! Grab the recipe here.


Healthy Salmon Salad

This Healthy Salmon Salad is my favorite go-to for a light and healthy but easy lunch for a day of boating. It’s delicious served on my favorite sprouted grain bread, or with my go-to Simple Mills almond flour crackers.

This easy make ahead healthy meal can be made with your favorite veggies and it’s loaded with healthy protein and good fats. Be sure to choose wild caught canned salmon that’s boneless and skinless. Grab the recipe here.


Truffle Roasted Potato Salad

This roasted potato salad with truffle oil makes the perfect side dish for grilled chicken, but it’s also really delicious and filling on its own. Most of us don’t really think of potato salad as a healthy option, but with all the fiber from the veggies and potatoes and the good fats from the olive oil in this variation, it’s actually a very health-conscious side dish. It packs well and stays fresh in the cooler, and it’s one of those dishes that’s just as good – if not better – the next day. Grab the recipe here.

Fudge Brownie Protein Bites

You can’t head out for a weekend away without some kind of sweet treat! These little protein bites are naturally sweetened with dates and really do taste like a delicious brownie, but they’re loaded with nutrition from hazelnuts, cacao powder, almond butter and protein powder. They take minutes to make and pack up wonderfully. One of these little bites is the perfect size three-bite sweet treat for after a meal or for an afternoon snack. Store them in a container in the cooler to keep them fresh and to keep them from melting. Grab the recipe here.


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