More Glow, More Flow: Meet The Sisters Behind The Superfood Latte Blends We’re Obsessing Over

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Delicious superfood lattes for more glow and more flow? Count us in.

We first learned about the Glow Flow Chefs instant superfood latte blends and the high vibe twin sisters behind them from our friends at The Space in New Orleans. And recently we had the chance to sit down and chat with the health-passionate sisters, Amy and Emily, about the delicious and healthy superfood latte blends that we just can’t get enough of…

Tell us more about the Glow Flow Chefs superfood instant latte blends.

They are super-powered blends that we created to provide users a quick way to make delicious, nutritious, next-level lattes, foods and beverages. Our blends were formulated by our team which is made up of a health coach, chef and Ayurvedic consultant, and the blends include some of the world’s most powerful, healing herbs and spices plus antioxidant-rich superfoods and transformational adaptogens. 

Our custom blends have the ability to soothe, energize and elevate the mind and body. Every ingredient was carefully selected based on its characteristics and benefits and sourced from the highest-quality supplier possible. Our blends are dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and 99% organic, and are free of any unnecessary additives. 

How did the idea for Glow Flow Chefs come about?

Our brand was born out of our desire to help people operate at their highest potential. To enhance, or up level, their current state of being with innovative, transformational products that will help them shift from an average operating system to one of high performance, vibrancy and optimal living. 

We developed our instant latte blends with this goal in mind. Our belief is that once people experience the body and mind benefits (like decreased inflammation, mental clarity and improved mood) of products such as the Glow Flow Chefs latte blends, they will not want to go back. Our hope is that they will continue to test and embrace natural, healing, functional products. Through our latte blends, we hope to show people the extent to which they can increase their vitality and empower them to consciously take control of wellbeing. 

So, you created these products to be a catalyst for change for people?

Yes. Our latte blends are a baby step, but that’s precisely what they are meant to be – a step down the path to an elevated state of health, consciousness and optimal wellness. We call this a “glow flow state.”


The Southern Well Being

You have three different superfood latte blends available: the Bliss Blend, the Energizing Blend and the Healing Blend. Talk a bit about the properties and different ingredients in each blend.

You can choose your blend either by flavor, or by the properties you are looking to create within the body at that particular moment.

The Bliss Blend is our Instant Cacao Latte. We created this blend to help calm the mind, nourish the brain, balance the hormones and boost the mood. Think joy and elevation! It also helps to beautify the skin for more glow. This blend is made with adaptogens and superfoods including cacao, mucuna pruriens extract, ashwagandha root, moringa leaf extract and more.

The Energizing Blend is our Instant Matcha Latte. We created this blend to increase energy without causing the jitters, enhance concentration, boost metabolism, detoxify and cleanse the body and balance the hormones. It also helps to beautify the skin as well. This blend is made with adaptogens and superfoods including matcha green tea, lucuma, lion’s mane extract, reishi mushroom extract and more.

The Healing Blend is our Instant Turmeric Latte. We created this blend to help reduce pain and inflammation, improve digestion, boost immune function, boost the mood and beautify the skin. Think elevation and glow! This blend is made with adaptogens and superfoods including turmeric root, astragalus root, reishi mushroom extract, black pepper and ginger. 

And these latte blends are ready to drink, as they are?

Exactly. Just mix the latte blend of your choice with hot or cold water or plant-based milk of your choice. The powder will blend into a delicious, anti-inflammatory, soothing beverage. 

Time to play favorites. Which of the blends are your personal favorites, and how do you love to use them?

Amy: I’m a new mom, so of course I need energy. I love to use the Instant Matcha Latte blend and make it just like you would a bulletproof coffee. I add ghee, MCT oil, collagen, coconut butter and the latte blend, and top it with bee pollen. 

Emily: I’m a plant-based, whole-foods chef, and lately I’ve been back in the kitchen, playing with new things. The weather is heating up in New Orleans where we live, so I’m whipping up more ice creams and I love to add the Instant Cacao Latte blend to those. 

What’s the one piece of health advice you’d give to others?

Amy: Catch your feelings. When you feel a strong emotion, whether it be pure joy, anger, fear, sadness, recognize how you feel. Write it down. What are you doing in that moment? What activity? What did someone say to you? Recognize what you are doing at that time the feeling came. Just start paying attention to your feelings. Do more of what makes you happy, less of what doesn’t. Hang out with people who make you happy, less with people who don’t. You’ll recognize patterns and find yourself going in the direction of happiness. It will all start to come to you then.

Emily: Nourish your body with healing, nutrient-dense, high vibrational foods (and enough of them). Eat a healthy dose of protein, fat, fiber and greens at every meal, and your body will work FOR you, helping you operate at high levels (think optimal brain function, metabolism, digestion and sleep). Being healthy is NOT about deprivation; it’s about wholesome satiation!

What’s the mantra you’re currently living by right now?

Amy: I DECIDE. I DO IT. I AM HAPPY. A kundalini coach gave me a practice a few months ago that included this mantra. I’ve lived by it since. It motivates me to move forward in the direction of my dreams. DO it, don’t just think about it. Actually DO it. 

Emily: Be more playful. Life is far too short to be serious all the time!


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