Our February Shop Picks Are All About The Most Important Love Of All…Self-Love

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For the Shop item picks this month, we wanted to focus on love, since February is the month of love, after all. 

And we love the shift we’re feeling towards more focus on self-love, which is arguably the most important kind of love.

Because we can’t pour from an empty cup, right?

So while February is in fact a time to focus on loving others, it’s also important to show love to ourselves through positive self-talk, self-care and mindfully tuning in to ourselves. 

We have carefully curated a few of our favorite items for self-care in the February shop. We chose our favorite body brush to exfoliate the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, our favorite non-toxic, minty body wash and the lavender sea salt scrub that we simply couldn’t live without. If you’re traveling and you can’t get into a hot bath with sea salts, this sea salt scrub is the very best next thing. Sea salt baths and sea salt scrubs are both known to help “wash off” negative or heavy energy, or if you’ve been in a crowd of people. Trust us, this ritual is game changing for your energy (energy is sticky, folks).

We couldn’t pass up including a couple of the non-toxic beauty products we are loving for every day right now, by RMS Beauty. One of our favorite things about this line of clean beauty products has to be that they encourage you to apply the products with your fingers. Laid back is our middle name, so this suits us just fine…

We’ve also included the book that we are currently devouring by one of our favorite authors and spiritual teachers, Gabrielle Bernstein, as well as the daily planner that’s keeping us connected to our core desired feelings this year. If you aren’t sure what core desired feelings are, then order this planner asap because it’s about to open all kinds of doors for you.

And what’s self-care without a cup of your favorite hot tea in hand? This herbal cinnamon chai tea is what self-care dreams are made of. You’ll love the way it smells, the way it tastes and the way it calms you (hello, rooibos tea). 


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