The New Age Hemp Wellness Brand That Wants To Help Women Find Their Inner Calm, Chill Bliss

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Laura White is the founder of hemp wellness brand Soul Addict, and to say she’s an inspiration in the field of wellness is an understatement.

Sure, hemp and CBD are everywhere right now.

But hearing Laura’s own story and her passion for helping empower women on their wellness journeys with Soul Addict’s CBD changed everything for us around this growing area of wellness. Soul Addict is committed to help propel and re-shift the conversation around plant remedies.

We asked Laura a few questions about her journey with hemp, and why others might want to consider it on their own journeys to better well being…

How did you began using hemp and CBD in your own lifestyle?

I’m a North Carolina native and a plant power advocate to begin with, having come from a farming family. I discovered the power of CBD through my own struggles and experience with anxiety and bouts of depression, which is also something that so many people struggle with these days. I actually did try a few modern day routes to try and deal with these symptoms, but I experienced harmful negative side effects that I knew I didn’t want in my life. 

So I began to research the cannabis industry as a natural alternative, which is when I came across the hemp movement. I was immediately intrigued to learn that CBD from hemp was legal and had shown signs of positive results for medicinal use for so many. So I sourced a bottle form a local Colorado farm, and I noticed such a life-changing improvement in my symptoms that I began the journey of getting involved in the hemp movement and sharing my experience with CBD with others. 

So where are you now with what you’d like others to know about the wellness benefits of hemp? 

I really hope to inspire people to learn about the power of nature, the importance in learning more about food source and the overall health of the Earth. I want to open the conversation and encourage others to a greater inner dialogue and consciousness of empowering our journey to wellness and higher health. There is so much that we can do for ourselves, and lighting the way to self-empowerment is something I’m really passionate about. 

The Southern Well Being

Tell us exactly what CBD is.

CBD is a naturally occurring component found in hemp/cannabis plants. CBD is a cannabis-derived oil (which can be found in both industrial hemp and marijuana), and has a significant amount of cannabidiol (CBD) found within it. Our Soul Addict CBD contains .3% or less of THC and comes from hemp, so there are no intoxicating or psychoactive effects when using our products to empower your wellness. In a nutshell, the benefits of cannabis without the feeling of being ‘high’, as the components of the hemp plant is much different than that of marijuana. 

It seems like what you’re doing with Soul Addict is moving right in line with a sort of plant powered movement. Why do you think people may be opening up to the possibilities of trying CBD, along with other natural alternatives to their health?

We’re in a time and generation where the cannabis space is becoming redefined. Soul Addict is a part of that movement in our mission to empower women’s path to wellness through hemp extract’s plant power. Our inspiration comes from the rediscovery of plant-based remedies and sharing this exciting new wave of acceptance in the health and wellness industry.

We believe right now more than ever, we are able to create a space for women and all those on a journey to wellness, to shift the stigma around paths to higher health. We want to move away from fads and trends and empower your journey and what works for you. We believe we can spark, inspire and illuminate conversations on what health, wellness and seeking natural alternatives can look like now and in the future.

How do you use the Soul Addict CBD? 

We like to say that CBD is the coconut oil of cannabis. Soul Addict’s Hemp Elixir is travel-friendly and can be used as your favorite daily, zen-inducing health aide or mixed as a beauty-infused topical for skin and body. We use it in smoothies, coffee, tea, tonics, raw foods or just underneath the tongue. Our oil is raw and organic, and each batch of our products is tested to ensure potency and purity.

What’s next for you and Soul Addict?

Right now, our products are sourced from small farms in Colorado farming under the federal pilot program initiative to research industrial hemp plants. 

We’re also one of the first women-founded, women-owned companies to receive our license from the North Carolina Hemp Commission to begin farming hemp for CBD under the Federal Hemp Pilot Program in Western North Carolina beginning May 2018. We plan to use our farm to continue our mission to spread education about the wonders of CBD for health and the future of hemp for sustainability. So, I have just moved from New Orleans to my home state of North Carolina to oversee this, which I’m incredibly excited about.

We also have a few new products on our radar that hopefully will be coming out this year, including a CBD chocolate that we call Holy Cacao Hemp Butter, as well as topical products.

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