The Spring Fitness Fashion Trends You’re Going To Start Seeing Everywhere

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Raise your hand if you spend a lot of your time in your athleisure wear? We see you. We do, too. And we actually kind of love it.

Meredith Fuller Sparks from Mountain Brook, Alabama-based¬†Eleven Eleven Clothiers recently shared some of the spring/summer athleisure trends that she has her eye on. If it’s time to add a new addition or two and spice up your athleisure wardrobe, read on for Meredith’s picks…


Women truly are living in their workout wardrobe and they need more out of these clothes. I love helping women find pieces that they can use in their workout, as well as outside the gym.

I recommend that my clients buy leggings they can also wear with a cute top to dinner or drinks, and tops they can wear with jeans. This way they aren’t just buying pieces for their workout wardrobe only. It’s nice to be able to double dip and use them for both workout and go out.

Here are my top picks for spring/summer athleisure fashion:


PASTELS | Anything pastel is on trend this spring and I love this Beach Riot Sport set that has bold pastel details. This set it a basic with a twist! 

The Southern Well Being


A BOLD PATTERN | I love the bold colors this spring from Splits 59. This set is certainly a head turner and is something you can carry into the fall. I also love the fade detailing. This is an easy way to hit the “refresh” button on your summer staples.

The Southern Well BeingThe Southern Well Being


STARS | Stars are everywhere this season and they aren’t going anywhere. I love these black Ultracor pair with the silver sparkle stars. You can pair this back with a simple Varley seamless tank or even a top and sandals for brunch with the girls or date night.

The Southern Well BeingThe Southern Well Being

*Ultracor star pant cannot be sold online. Contact to order.


FLORAL | Floral is also a huge trend for this season. These Varley Biona leggings with a faded cotton print is the perfect way to add a little understated floral to your wardrobe.

The Southern Well BeingThe Southern Well Being


TIE DYE | I’ve seen tie dye coming back in a really big way. These DYI Signature tights in the new Spring Tie Dye color are one of my favorite things in the store. Paired back with the Elevate bra, this is perfect for your workouts or for running errands. The DYI Signature tight is our best selling tight. Once you have it in one color, you’ll want to buy them all!

The Southern Well BeingThe Southern Well Being


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