Upgrade Your Avocado Toast, But Make It Mediterranean

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Anyone else love a Mediterranean-type diet? I do, because it’s focused on balance, getting plenty of fresh plant foods, fiber and healthy fats and preparing your foods at home as much as possible. I also love avocado toast. And recently I discovered a popular Greek bread option that’s super high in fiber (read: beneficial for your gut) and delicious. So today I’m suggesting an upgrade to your avocado toast, but make it Mediterranean.

A few months ago I was reading through blog posts on a favorite Mediterranean and Greek Diet recipe blog. I was introduced to a food that was new to me, the Cretan barley rusk. I’ve not traveled to Greece (yet!), but from what I understand, these are available everywhere there. In Greek homes, the rusks are often used in place of bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As soon as I read about all the different ways families eat these rusks, I knew I had to try them.

The rusks are made from whole grain barley flour. They’re very high in fiber which makes them incredibly filling, and barley flour also contains beta-glucan, a prebiotic fiber that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

I ordered these Cretan barley rusks from Amazon and have been pretty obsessed with them. I’ve used them in place of a piece of toast for avocado toast, I’ve topped them with chopped up cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and olive oil for lunch, and I’ve topped them with Greek yogurt, fruit and honey for breakfast. I’m so in love with their nutty flavor and filling texture.

Tsatsaronakis Barley Rusks

Please note that when you buy barley rusks, they’ll be VERY hard so don’t immediately try to bite into one. They’re dried out to last for a long time and you’ll have to soften them with water, olive oil or another liquid.

How I prep them: take a barley rusk and place it in a small bowl of warm water. Let it sit for about 20-30 seconds, flip it over to the other side and let it sit 20-30 seconds longer. Remove it from the bowl of water and place it on a paper towel to drain for a minute or so. Then, place it on a plate or in a bowl and top it with your toppings of choice.


Have you ever tried Cretan barley rusks? Let us know if you’ve found another way to enjoy them!

Elizabeth xo

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