We Taste Tested Tons of Fermented Veggies…Here Are Our Favorites

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You’ve likely heard about the benefits of fermented foods for your gut health by now, but if you haven’t…let us give you a quick overview.

The process of fermentation can increase the shelf life of foods because of the naturally occurring probiotics that the fermentation process creates. But the probiotics are also great for our digestive health, which of course, affects our overall health.

Fermented vegetables contain digestive enzymes that help our bodies to more easily break down the foods we eat, as well as beneficial bacteria which helps us to maintain the proper balance of gut flora. 

We definitely want to add more fermented vegetables into our diet. But, there are a lot of different options showing up on the shelves lately, which makes it a bit confusing as to which ones to choose. We tested out quite a few different ones, and have rounded up our top picks for the tastiest fermented veggie condiments out there that we think deserve a spot on your refrigerator shelf…


BUBBIE’S SAUERKRAUT | This one is just a classic. We love Bubbie’s Sauerkraut on everything from salads to eggs to avocado toast to burgers. You just can’t go wrong with a scoop of fermented kraut. A fridge staple.

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WILDBRINE ARAME & GINGER ORGANIC KRAUT | Another option for sauerkraut, but this one has a spicy kick from the ginger. Arame is a nutrient and flavor-rich Japanese sea vegetable for even more nutrition in your kraut. We love this on rice or quinoa and veggie bowls, sweet potatoes or on anything else that needs a little gingery kick.

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WILDBRINE SMOKY JALAPENO SRIRACHA | A little smoky and a little more spicy, this probiotic sriracha goes on everything, but especially tacos. 

The Southern Well Being


HAT CREEK PROVISIONS TRADITIONAL CARROTS | These fermented carrots are perfect for tossing into salads, and also just for snacking on right out of the jar pre-dinner, which is how we love them most. 

The Southern Well Being


HAT CREEK PROVISIONS TRADITIONAL OKRA | Just as with the carrots, these delicious okra pods are perfect for snacking on right out of the jar, and especially if you’re feeling snacky before dinner. They’re also great to serve on a cheese board or on the side with a sandwich. 

The Southern Well Being


HAT CREEK PROVISIONS TRADITIONAL GIARDINIERA | This fermented veggie mix has a great Italian flavor, so try it in an Italian inspired salad, on a muffaletta sandwich or on your next cheese board. 



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