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Living healthier and eating more clean and balanced just continues to grow in popularity. Dare we say that healthy eating is trending right now?

In all seriousness, we want healthy eating to be so much more than just a trend for you. We want it to become a part of your daily lifestyle, we want it to just be what you do – just like you breathe without thinking about it. 

With all that said, there are certainly a few trends that are popping up in the health food world. Instead of thinking of these as trends though, we hope you’ll think of them as suggestions on new things to try in your own healthy eating journey. Then, you can pick what you really love and keep that around for the long term.

Which is exactly how you build a healthy lifestyle.


Here’s what we see trending in the health food world right now:


The plant-based movement is only getting started, and we predict you’ll see tons of this over the next few months. Just remember that plant-based doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and you certainly don’t have to go full on vegetarian or vegan to join in on the plant-based fun.

Consider designating one day each week as a completely plant-based day, if you just want to dip your toes in the water. This is the concept behind the meatless Monday movement. We particularly love Good Seed’s Wild Mushroom & Cauliflower burgers over a bed of greens and roasted veggies. Another idea is to occasionally trade out your regular dairy for a plant-based yogurt or cheese. Try Kite Hill’s Greek Style Almond Milk Yogurt in your breakfast parfait, and try one of their cream cheese style spreads on your sandwich or on a baked sweet potato. 


Fermented veggies and foods have been on the shelves for a while now, and people are starting to learn more about the importance of supporting our digestive health in order to be optimally healthy overall. There will be a continued emphasis on fermented veggies, but other probiotic-rich and gut-supporting foods and drinks will be popping up on the grocery shelves.

We always reach for Bubbie’s Sauerkraut, Mother In Law’s Kimchi and the fermented pickles and carrots from Hat Creek Provisions. Lately we’re also loving the Wildbrine Probiotic Sriracha for a kick of (fermented) heat. Suja’s Organic Probiotic Coconut Vinegar Juice is a refreshing drink to support digestion, and of course we are a forever fan of the GT’s Synergy Kombucha as well as their new line of kefir. 


It seems that Americans are becoming more accepting of adding robust, spicy flavors to our food. We say, it’s about time. Take a look around the shelves at your favorite health food or grocery store, and you’ll likely notice quite a few products that incorporate more bold flavors like harissa, cumin, turmeric, cardamom, cayenne and paprika. 

Some of our favorite picks: Saffron Road’s Bombay Spice Crunchy Chickpeas and Boom Chicka Pop Sweet & Spicy Popcorn for satisfying snacks. Mina Harissa Moroccan Red Pepper Sauce is amazing on top of roasted veggies, and Lundberg Family Farms Thai Red Curry Sprouted Rice loaded with veggies make a plant-based meal with a deliciously spicy kick.


For some time now, we’ve heard about the benefits of dishes like overnight oats, homemade breads, bone broth and smoothie bowls. But often times, our intentions are greater than our actual willingness to gather up all the ingredients we’ll need for these dishes, and make the effort to put them together in real life.

But now, many brands are offering kits to help make it easier. Cultures For Health has a Real Sourdough Bread kit so you can make your own starter culture for sourdough bread and other baked goods, and Maker Oats has put every ingredient you’ll need for delicious overnight oats (just add your milk of choice) right into a handy little kit, which comes in numerous flavors. We’ve even seen make your own bone broth and make your own smoothie bowl kits, so be sure to watch for these on shelves soon.


No matter what you’re looking to achieve regarding your own specific health concerns or even your mood, there’s a food or drink to help you get there, which is the concept behind functional foods and drinks. Rebbl’s elixir drinks are made with super-herbs like reishi mushrooms, which are known for their health-promoting properties including immune support and supporting the body’s response to stress. Purely Elizabeth’s brand new Grain-Free Granola Bars also contain reishi mushrooms for an immune supporting punch with your morning oats, and Blue Buddha’s line of Organic Wellness Teas utilize herbs like lavender for its relaxation and bliss-inducing properties, and ashwagandha which is also known to support the body’s stress response.


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